Matthew House takes a holistic approach to ending homelessness by offering a complete range of program and supportive services, which includes on and off-site case management, housing options, medical, domestic violence, substance abuse, and crisis counseling intervention. We also provide referrals to other outside vital supportive services and organizations.

Although some agencies on focus on providing meals, clothing, or a place to sleep, Matthew House seeks to move clients beyond survival to progress and does so by assisting individuals through our supportive services and outreach and engagement and assistance in locating and decent and affordable housing.

"Homelessness is an experience that people go through, not a label that defines who they are." ‡

Permanent Housing and Supportive Services

Walking Our Way Home (WOW) Chronic Homeless Program provides 20 units of permanent housing and rental subsides for individuals who are chronically homeless which includes single men and woman. The program is supportive by the U.S. Housing & Urban Development.

Emergency Services

Providing emergency services is the first step to addressing the trauma of homelessness which is offered through our Daytime Supportive Services Program. Matthew House emergency services consist of two balance meals, shower facility and receive clean cloth, on site medical screening provided through a group of medical professionals, mailing address which allows our guest to receive important mail to aide their journey back to self-sufficiency and ensuring that all has asses to a warm and safe environment. In addition, services offered included intensive case management that is focus on addressing our guest's social service needs such as replacing state ID, assistance in completing various Department of Human services applications along with other services which can often only be assess during daytime hours.

The SSA Representative Payee Program

The SSA program allows guest to receive their Social Security benefits, via Matthew House. In addition, all SSA payee recipients receive case management services, assisted with finding and maintaining housing, assisted with developing financial plans along with having ongoing access to our supportive services. Currently, Matthew House service approves 80 social security payees and provide then with various services through our Supportive Services including helping all find and maintaining housing.

Supportive Housing Program (SHP)

Derrick David Stinson & Marzett Johnson Scattered Site Housing Program. Matthew House provides 43 units of housing placement, casemanagment and rental assistance to homeless individuals geared assisting them find and maintains residential stability. This program provided scattered site focus on the purpose of helping the individual maintain a since of community through independence living with ongoing supportive services.

Supportive Housing Retention Services

Providing housing is at the core of ending and preventing homelessness. Matthew House provides 70 units of scattered site housing supportive by the Housing & Urban Development. The housing retention program includes daily outreach service, well being checks, housekeeping training and other services geared to assist guest maintain housing.

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program also known as SNAP. This program offers training opportunity to individuals receiving food stamp benefits. Participants also receive employment counseling, housing assistance and referrals to permanent and full-time positions.

Domestic Violence Services

Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behavior by one partner against another in an intimate relationship. Matthew House Domestic Violence program is geared to ensure the safety of all individuals experiencing domestic violence. In addition, Matthew House's domestic violence program provide counseling, support and referral geared to ensure the safety of the individual experience such a dramatic.

Computer Learning Center

Providing educational and computer literacy training to our guest is an important part of our supportive services. Clients have the opportunity to work with computer to learn basic literacy and computer skills. Software training includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Desktop Publishing.

Job Placement and Development

Matthew House identifies, provide and coordinate support services necessary in helping guest find and maintain employment. Our job developer work with guest assisting them locates various jobs opening that meet the various job skills of our guest. When available transportation assistance is provided.

Veterans Services

Matthew House assists veteran's transition from homelessness to permanent housing and prevents at-risk veterans from becoming homeless. Services include supportive housing and housing counseling, employment training, transportation, peer-to-peer counseling and mentioning, personal financial planning, fiduciary and payee and preventative health care. This program is supportive by the Illinois Veterans Association.

‡ Quoted by Rev. Dr. Sanja Stinson